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Life Coaching Is Not Weird

Coaching sometimes gets a bum rap because people don’t know the facts.



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Does Couples Therapy Work?

We’ve all had that horrible experience: you throw a party or invite a couple over for dinner, and they start fighting, right there in front of you......

Paterson Man On Call To Support Grieving Families

Coaching sometimes gets a bum rap because people don’t know the facts. The family support coordinator for the NJ Sharing Network travels across the state to meet with and counsel families facing sudden grief.


The Paterson man is there for families whose loved ones may be pronounced brain dead. He guides families through trauma.


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June 2017


6/10 - Festival de la Familia | Paterson, NJ


July 2017


7/23 - 27 - Power & Light Church | Harare, Zimbabwe (Africa)




The Men's Struggle Cycle: A Guide for Men, By Men

You’re probably wondering what this book is all about. Well it’s definitely not your average book for men, that’s for sure. Isn’t it interesting that every physiological change women go through, have the word “men” in it? You know, menstruation, menopause, and mental health (just kidding). I wanted to draw your attention by giving you a perspective that would not only stick with you but will help give a dual understanding. Here’s the skinny – there is a lot in common between a woman’s menstrual cycle and a man’s struggle cycle. We thought it would be helpful to make an in-depth breakdown of how these two compare as it relates to the cycles.



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